Sony OLED A80J TV Review

The Sony A 80 J is a great OLED¬†4K TV. Its self-emitting pixels create an almost infinite degree of contrast with the perfect black color without the concomitant halo effect. The A 80 J is second to the A90J but is on par with other OLED analogs and provides a good HDR display thanks to… Continue reading Sony OLED A80J TV Review

Digital TV VS Analog TV What is Difference

DTV and ATV are different broadcasting standards that give users access to free TV channels. The difference between DTV and ATV is very significant: a fundamentally different way of transmitting the signal, different requirements for equipment, different quality of the signal at the reception. ATV is considered outdated, so analog broadcasting finally lost its relevance… Continue reading Digital TV VS Analog TV What is Difference

Best 8k TV in India 2021

How we’re telling you. You can now prepare your pocket: we already have TVs with 8K resolution by 2020. Samsung, Sony and LG have already introduced a few models with 4K resolution that are worthwhile, which are still a bit expensive… and there’s no 8K content to watch in them. Do we recommend your purchase?… Continue reading Best 8k TV in India 2021

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